Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some Broken Nails and Lace

So, here are my nails now, after the break. I went to pull open a drawer, didn't have as good as a grip as I thought, pulled real hard and SNAP! My middle and index finger nails snapped clean off :( My index finger doesn't look too bad, but my middle, although trimmed, still has a crack in the side right down to the skin! I'm going t try to grow it out as much as I can before cutting it down more. It is also lopsided now.

Here are my nails right after I filed them neat and and clean, and shortened the others to match.

So how to fix it? Nail art of course! I had my first Christmas get together of the season and wanted my newly filed nubs to look their best. I decided I would create a lace look on my nails.

To start, I pulled out Wet n' Wild's Tangled in My Web, I applied 1 coat and a bit, trying to get a good amount of the hex glitter on each nail. When that was dry, I pulled out Konad plate M-57, this has the fishnet pattern and flowers. First I stamped the flowers on my mails randomly, sometimes more than once in different spots. Then I stamped over that with the fishnet pattern. Once you apply your top coat, you're all done! This was my first time trying it, but I really liked the effect :)

Have you ever tried lace nails? what did you use to create them?


  1. That's so pretty! How easy is the stamp to use?
    Hannah x

  2. Your story of nail breakage is enough to strike terror in my heart, LOL! Nice recovery on filing the nails down, I think they look great! Nice mani, I think having the Tangled in Your Web in the mix was genius!

  3. Hannah - thanks :) the Konad ones work the best. I hadn't used them in a while and they were so much easier to use than my dupe or BM plates.

    Impoverished by Polish -Thanks, I think my nails were due to a filing, they were much too long and I didn't even realize. they are quickly growing back though :)


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