Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Feelin' Yacht, Yacht, Yacht!

Spring is finally feeling like it's here and the lovely weather has put me in the mood for some brighter shades.

Today I have China Glaze, Too Yacht to Handle. I must say that this is much closer to a "Tiffany" blue than a lot of others out there, Too Yacht To Handle is a bright robin blue with just a hint of green that makes this colour unique in my collection. The polish is bright but not yet a neon, although it sure is close!

The formula the second time around (first post on this, here) was improved. The first coat was a little streaky but the second evened everything out. In applying the polish you have to work in thin, quick stokes. I must have added thinner to the bottle the first time I wore it because I remember that time around the formula being thicker.

Wear improved as well, the first time around it chipped fairly quickly and easily. This time I got some slight tip wear over the course of the 5 days, but nothing really noticeable. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Twist of Lime

Orly's Key Lime Twist is a long time lemming of mine since it was released last spring apart of the Sugar High collection. To be honest, not a big fan of the other colours in the set, but this one I. Had. to. HAVE!

Key Lime Twist is a bright, but not yet neon, yellow pastel with green undertones. It really pops on the nail in the sunlight and will look great with a tan this summer!

The formula was good, it applied well in two coats which built up to full opacity. A yellow at two coats for full opacity? Very rare is you ask me!

Although it is not a neon, it just borders the line for me, especially outdoors.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

OMG! a Holo?

Today I have a unique shade from China Glaze. I wore this quasi-holo polish in late winter, early spring at the first sign of some sunshine. Notice the longer nails!

OMG a UFO from China Glazes 2013 Hologlam collection is a mid toned olive green shade with a slight holographic effect when in the right lighting. Most of the photos I have posted include my camera flash which heightens the holo effect.

The formula applied well over my Nfu-Oh Aqua base, which is what I usually use when applying a holo. I only needed two coats for full opacity and wore it without a top coat to enhance the holo effect.

I enjoyed wearing this but which this collection overall had a stronger holo effect. I wonder if China Glaze will ever attempt another holo collection like this in this future.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Leslie Love

LOOOOVEE! I love this polish! I purchased Zoya Leslie, apart of 2015's spring Delight collection last year likely during one of Zoya's promos and waited until now to finally try it.

As you can see, Leslie is a pastel lavender creme with an electric blue superfine shimmer running throughout. The formula is actually quite great. I figured that the formula would likely be thin for shimmer visibility on the nail, however, I was able to build up the polish to full opacity in two easy coats.

This is such a perfect shade for spring, and it actually got me excited to try other other polishes I purchased that are apart of the Delight collection. This shade is so unique and the blue shimmer against the pastel lavender base is so delicate and pretty!

Monday, April 25, 2016

My Boo! + 30% off!

This will be the last in the series of the latest products I was sent from Madam Glam for review. Today I have a gel thermal, a favorite of mine of their products. This is My Boo.

My Boo is a beautiful violet creme gel when cold and bright sky blue when warm, as seen in my photos below:

As with the other Madam Glam polishes I own, the formula is on point, not too thick, not too thin and applies easily to the nail. I needed two coats for full opacity.

This is the gel I chose to use to test Madam Glam's Peel off Base and it worked quite well. I was told to be sure the base was dry before applying the polish, which was easy because it dried so fast.

The transition on this gel is really pretty. When your temperature is somewhere in the middle of warm and cool you get this beautiful seamless gradient that is reminiscent of the sky at dawn.

I think I will do some mani refreshes with this one, the wear is always long with these gels.

Madam Glam has graciously given a 30% discount to all of my readers! Click here to activate the code and start shopping on their site or use Danielle30 upon checkout.

*This product was sent to me for an honest review, all views expressed are my own honest option.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Sally Girl Being Discontinued?

So it appears that spring has come back around again. No more Winter in April please!

This is actually a polish I wore around Easter but didn't feel the need to post with the weather the way it was. This is Sally Girl, Zing a Ding. I was lucky enough to find this on clearance, which the rest of the Sally Girl products looked to be on as well. It looks as though they may be discontinuing this brand, anyone know for sure?

Zing A Ding, what a name by the way, is a pastel lavendar creme with various sizes of matte white glitter suspended within. The formula was creat and easy to apply needed two coats for full opacity.

I don't think I have actually ever purchased a Sally Girl polish before. There was once instance I purchased the glow-in-the dark topper because I needed to add an extra $1 to my purchase to get a coupon or free gift or something!

That being said, I decided to try this polish out since it was cheap and pretty. I'm actually pretty impressed, both with the quality and amount needed for a full mani, however I do prefer the old bottles which held more product (5.3ml/.18 fl oz, compared to the new bottles, 4ml/.13 fl oz). that being said if they happen to be discontinuing this line I will have a closer look at what is available during my next Sally's visit.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Let's Dew It!

So it snowed... In April... How does that happen!? I hate when winter lingers, however, it inspired today's frosty mani with China Glaze, Let's Dew it.

Let's Dew it is an indigo blue glitter suspended in a clear base that has a slight duochrome shimmer. After applying it for this mani I realized it may be best as a topper or layered over another colour to aid in opacity. I decided to wear it on it's own. It built up to 95% opacity in three coats which kind of bugged me, but I didn't mind after about a day and really liked it. The formula thickened after each coat which is common with glitter dense polishes.

It lasted about a week before I decided to remove it (You may recall this polish from my last post, a review on Madam Glam's peel off base coat).  This is a pretty colour and covered pretty well in three coats, but I would love to pair it with a complementary base colour. I also wish the duochome was more apparent on the nail.